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Re-branding in 2020!

This year was a challenging one. And I want to use that as an excuse for the silence on the blog, but in reality, I was silent before as well. It's always been difficult for me to write about what I'm doing. I am focusing on finding my voice and trying to get more clear about what I want this Art Retreat to look like.

The Artist Residencies excite me. They fuel me, as I love meeting other artists and giving them an inspiring place to fuel their creative talents. It doesn't matter what type of artist. I am inspired by them all. To dedicate oneself to one's artistic vision will never stop inspiring me, whether that is writing, music, dance, painting, craft etc.. It is within these moments of creativity, that we see our true self, our genuine authenticity. And to share that process, those insights, and ideas with the world is such a gift.

Every year, people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to spark positive change. We are happy to put this past year behind us and focus on positivity, growth and well being in 2020.

So in the spirit of New Years resolutions,

we are renaming, re-branding and re-launching in 2020.

We’ve changed our name to The Narrows.

We are still functioning as an Artist Retreat and will continue to focus on supporting artists through our Artist Residency program.

It turns out however, there’s a nearby community with a Hidden Creek that we didn’t know existed (oops), and we’ve recently met some wonderful people who live there and are doing good work.

The new name is a nod to nearby Grohman Narrows which is a pinch point for water exiting Kootenay Lake. It is also the name for the small community the retreat is part of. And then there is the nearby Narrows Island, and Grohman Narrows provincial park which is home to the red listed (endangered) western painted turtle, which we are huge fans of. Some locals have reported western painted turtles in the marsh on our property some years before we bought the land. We’re still hoping we will find some living there.

Also, you have to go down a narrow path to reach the retreat. Narrow by definition also means limited in extent, amount or scope, which I see as important to the artistic process. To create with limitations, constraints or boundaries for an artistic practice is to focus more fully on what one is trying to say.

The Narrows seemed like a good fit for the Art Retreat.

So, welcome to a New year at The Narrows. We hope to create a newsletter with regular updates and happenings at the Retreat.

Thank you for all your support over the years and all the best to you and your families in 2020!

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