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Speaker series

On Monday, January 22nd, at 7pm at the Civic Theatre in Nelson, we are happy to help host Jon Turk and Dave & Laurie Knox, three friends who share a love of adventure and a deep connection with wild spaces and species.

Jon Turk, from Montana, and Fernie will be coming to talk about managing our mythologies. For those who don't know, Jon is humble, amusing and a super accomplished adventurer. "Over the decades, I have kayaked across the North Pacific and around Cape Horn, mountain biked through the Gobi desert, made first climbing ascents of big walls on Baffin Island, and first ski descents in the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzia. In 2011, I circumnavigated Ellesmere Island with Erik Boomer." He has written numerous books about his adventures, including Cold Oceans, The Raven's Gift, In the Wake of the Jomon, and his latest Crocodiles and Ice.

In this upcoming talk, he says this. "Many people talk with dogs, cats, and even goldfish, daily. Every once in a while, maybe once a decade, if you are lucky, a wild animal will come and talk or play with you." Join National Geographic award-winning scientist/adventurer/storyteller Jon Turk in exploring wild animal encounters and embracing Deep Wild into our Spirit. In his unique storytelling style, Jon will share tales of adventure and a slideshow from decades wandering the globe.

For more info on Jon, or to check out his books, visit

Nelson locals, David and Laurie Knox will share their latest paddling adventure: One canoe, 3 dogs, 55 days down the Mackenzie River.

David will present a slide show of their last summer's canoe trip of paddling 1800 km. down the Nahanni and Mackenzie Rivers in the Northwest Territories all the way to Inuvik. See the big rivers, wildlife, pristine wilderness, and expansive vistas as David shares their stories of paddling a Hellman canoe with their 240 lbs of dogs through Canada's biggest wilderness.

Please join us this Monday, January 22 at 7pm, Civic Theatre (719 Vernon St) in Nelson.

Tickets $10. at the door.

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