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Artist Residencies in 2019

Happy New Year from ALL of us at The Narrows!

Hidden Creek winter

With winter in full swing, and the New Year upon us, we are putting a concerted effort to strengthen our Artist Residency Program, with a focus in 2019, at growing this part of the Arts Centre. Nestled in solitude, The Narrows is the ideal location to push through creative blocks, and pursue artistic goals. We offer creative people the necessary time and place away from every day life, framed within a unique natural setting to truly carve out time for themselves.

Kitchen and dining communal area.

The Residency takes 3 artists maximum at any one time, unless an artist specifies for a Private Residency. The communal kitchen, and dining in the main area shown here. The Studio below.

Art Studio

We get tremendous satisfaction out of providing a space, time and an inspirational setting for artists to work on their projects and ideas. The artists we meet and the work they create is innovative and stimulating. Artists are often under supported and over extended, and we hope providing the space and time to create will inspire artists to further discover their ability to connect and create.

Residents are selected on a range of skills, and we value both the emerging artist and the professional, with varying skill levels and a range of disciplines. We offer residencies to visual artists, musicians, writers, composers, sculptors, and those working in ecology and sustainable development.

Artist residency calls are on an on-going basis. For more info on the Residency: Residencies at The Narrows. Please contact us to APPLY at: Residency Open Call


The Studio is 400 sq ft, with work/art sink, powder room and plenty of light. The big patio doors open onto a deck and further enlarge the working space in the summer.


Artists must bring their own art supplies. The Studio is set up with sink, table surfaces, easels and wall space. It has ample lighting, natural light, as well as a complete exhaust venting system.

We understand that some artists in residence value solitude to create, while others want more community involvement. It is important for artists to specify, so we can coordinate and offer optional ideas for connecting with our vibrant artistic community.

Hidden Creek

The Retreat itself is a straw bale eco-building, with natural materials. Green, eco or natural building includes appropriate design elements, ‘green’ technologies and eco products that make our building energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy.

The centre has a big deck for outside meals, wildlife watching or simply relaxing between work sessions.



There is also a yurt on site, which is available for those wanting a more rustic stay. It is equipped with beds, a wood stove and a writing desk. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared in the main house.

Boat travel

Travel to the Arts centre is by boat which makes the retreat somewhat remote. It is important those who choose to stay are comfortable with this type of retreat. The best days for travelling to the Arts centre in Moby (our boat), are the sunny, blue sky days. When we do take artists over on the cold, dreary days, the centre seems that much more inviting.

We hope that artists can come and stay with us, to withdraw from the distraction of daily life, further hone their skills and work on their process at the Centre,

and ultimately add to the value of art in this precious, beautiful world.

For more information on Residencies, please visit Residencies at The Narrows

Happy 2019! Wishing you all the best in this upcoming year.

Hidden Creek Arts Centre

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