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Residency at The Narrows

Available for private Group retreats.

The Narrows Artist residency gives creative individuals time and space away from their usual regular routine of life for reflection, research or production. The West Kootenay and Nelson, BC is home to outstanding artists in many disciplines. We believe taking consistent time and space to be creative is personally and professionally transformative. You must be willing to work in a semi isolated setting. Travel is by boat and you walk to the retreat. Supplies/equipment can be arranged to be transported in for you. 



Artists that are interested in the residency program should send the following to The Narrows -Artist Retreat.



  1. Application form (below)

  2. Artist Statement (1-2 paragraphs explaining your work)

  3. Current CV

  4. 10 images by e-mail or CD. JPG or TIFF files (mac compatible). Please compress files so they are between 1-2.5m. Images should be labeled with title, medium, dimension, year. Please send a self addressed envelope if you require return of application.

  5. Writing samples should not exceed 5 pages.


Application Form:


How did you hear about the residency program?


Tell us a bit about yourself and your artwork (include website if applicable)?


What you hope to accomplish during your residency stay.


Please indicate the dates you desire to spend at The Narrows (if possible, alternative dates) and whether you would like private or shared residency.


Please provide your complete contact information (e-mail, address and phone number.) 

VIDEO Submissions are acceptable if required by the artist.

** If your application is successful - you will need to sign this waiver before being transported to the residency centre.  



Open year round.

The Residence includes shared living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and washroom. Residents are encouraged to bring items to make the living space accommodate their personal needs (pack lightly as travel is by boat).

The Studio is furnished with basic equipment; however, residents must bring any necessary specific equipment and supplies.

The Yurt is equipped with beds, lighting, and writing table. Cooking facilities and washrooms are in main residence.

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