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Shanti Cordoni-Jordan

Drawing and Printmaking

Shanti Cordoni-Jordan

Shanti Cordoni-Jordan is a fourth year art student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a visual practice based in drawing and printmaking. During her residency she immersed herself in nature, taking cues from her surroundings to influence her work, through intense focus and observation.

“Through drawing I find connection to worlds that exist both within and outside of myself. I continue to be amazed by this planet’s patterns and webs, and I ask myself what makes me a part of this web? The lines of my pencil are my response. I feel that drawing is a bridge connecting me to my observations. I am inspired by what surrounds me and the paths that are opened through the act of creating."

She gravitates towards "repetitive, pattern-based and meditative processes; thus enters the process-based nature of printmaking and drawings with repeating motifs and hours of mark-making. Although heavily imaginary, her work is also grounded in "figurative imagery, blending the imagined with the observed. As I create, I find recurring themes reflected both in subject matter and process: interconnectivity, harmony, pattern, balance, softness, memory. I have a strong desire to cultivate harmony, to reflect, and to imagine."

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