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Samantha Hesketh


Painter Samantha Hesketh

A recent graduate from Emily Carr University now residing in the North Okanagan. Samantha Hesketh's work focuses on the energies and motions of the world around her. With mountains and water as her main obsession, the natural geometries and unpredictable movement of both land and water have been something that has led her art career from the beginning. While having traveled around the world she has found that while the land and cultures may always change, there is an energy that somehow connects them together. Her work aims to show people the world she sees. With her unique mark making, Samantha is able to capture more than what is often depicted in these scenes.

Her work generally surrounds land and seascapes and the interactions and feelings of the organic forms created. Her passion for expressing the feelings behind the geometries in nature are what guide her artwork and give it its electric feel.

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