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Martha Stokoe

Painter & Illustrator

Painter and illustrator Martha Stokoe

"My artistic career has been a mid life venture, involving study in New Zealand at Wellington's Learning Connexion. Resulting in a Diploma (Advanced) in Art and Creativity, under the tutelage of Peter Adsett. This has been a life long ambition, realized.

I find myself drawn to explore the material qualities of paint and its transparent or opaque mark making potential. I am also interested in the tactile and finish qualities of the surface (matte/shiny, raised/flat, etc). My love of experimentation with paint and mediums has enabled me to create a somewhat idiosyncratic style.

My work develops from multiple sketches. Taken into paint through the use of transparent colour put down layer upon layer, often worked subconsciously, until the desired finish is reached. Only then do I bring in opaque colours. To give the eye somewhere to rest. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the chaotic “scribblings” and the flatness of the opaque colour."

Martha Stokoe was the 2018 recipient of the Wood Gundy/Nelson and District Arts Council sponsored residency.

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