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Edward Fu-Chen Juan

Freelance Illustrator, & Contemporary Printmaker

Freelance Illustrator, Contemporary Printmaker Edward Fu-Chen Juan

Edward Fu-Chen Juan is an artist based out of Vancouver, BC Canada. He has worked as a commercial illustrator in the feature and television animation industry since 2006. Presently he works in editorial, publication, gaming, and interactive media field. From 2013 to 2019, he owned a paper and textile design company called “Forest & Waves”.

Aside from his commercial work he practices fine art printmaking reinforced with ink making and paper making. Currently, his research is to highlight natural biodiversity and conservation of endemic plant specimen research through his art practice.

Outside of work Ed is either surfing, running, camping, or gardening. Fu-Chen is his Taiwanese name. Ed was born and partly raised in a fishing village in southern Taiwan, surrounded by jungle and tropical coast.

Ed was in residence with Damian John, as part of the 2021 Wood Gundy -Nelson and District Arts Council residency to create paper, make ink from foraged plant materials and print with these natural inks. He used this residence with John to learn the history and legacy of colonialism and provide space for learning opportunities. Ed then continued a private residency to focus on his spirit money paper series.

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