New logo for Arts centre

Some say I do things backwards…the recent case being that we opened the Arts centre in the summer and only now am I focussing on the marketing. Sometimes, you just don’t know how something will turn out before spreading the news about it. And the build itself was a huge energy drain. So, because of my procrastination as well as my ‘wait and see’ approach, I am only now getting to my new logo design. My teenage daughter came up with the concept of using the yin yang symbol as a shape - a symbol representing the interaction of energies found in all things, the interconnection and interdependence in the natural world. The complimentary yet opposing forces is very representative of the logistical challenge of running an Arts centre, having to transport everything and everyone by boat (which is a bit confusing and stressful at times), balanced by the experience of complete, silent and meditative nature of the place/space itself. Incorporation of the creek in the logo was important and a clear, contemporary design was my desire. We changed the name to Arts Centre, instead of Arts and Ecology centre because we primarily focus on the arts, and I wanted to ensure this was clear as our main objective. It will always be a nature retreat as well, and I hope to organize ecology/environmental education workshops there in the future.

Thanks to my daughter Indigo who is just simply creative in all she does, and to Keiko at for tweaking it and bringing it to reality.

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